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A Conversation with Gordi |

Gordi recently released her wonderful new album "Reservoir" (our review). We loved it and it reminded us some older days when we were similarly amazed by Dido's music.

She was very kind to accept and talk for the first time to the Greek media. Below you can read our discussion with her:


Y.Z.: Hi Sophie! Hope all is well. You recently put out a beautiful new album that we had the chance to review it for Greece. Congrats. Somehow you strongly remind me Dido and her releases, due to the style and the sequence of the melodies of you new LP. Has she influenced your music? What are your major musical influences?

Gordi: I was a Dido fan back in the day! I've always loved Laura Marling and as a teenager listened to Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. Then I got into The Tallest Man On Earth and Asgeir in a big way. All of these artists can write really good songs. 

Y.Z.: A few years ago I listened to "Nothing's As It Seems" via Line Of The Best Fit. And it was surprising, a few months ago, to find you doing backing vocals at "8 (circle)" to - my best currently band and label mates of yours - Bon Iver at Fallon. How was the feeling like playing with the band? Is Justin as cool and interesting as he seems to be?

Gordi: It was a once-in-a-lifetime type experience. Justin and all the guys are wonderful people and I felt very lucky to be a part of it. They just want to make good music - which is exactly what they do. 



Y.Z.: What were the initial reasons that motivated you playing and eventually writing music of your own?

Gordi: It's a need, almost an addiction I guess. I can't not do it, so I have to do it. Luckily I love it as well. Writing and playing music to me is as important as eating and sleeping and breathing. 

Y.Z.: You have a special voice. I was really impressed from the by-the-river video of "On My side". It's what stays mostly in the mind when we listen to your music. To ask you about the use of the vocoder. How you decide to what extend to use it and you believe that sometimes many over-use it? (the use at "Heaven I Know" was perfect btw)

Gordi: I think the voice is as much an instrument as anything else. It is there to be manipulated or stripped back or whatever - but the point is to highlight its uniqueness which is what I try to do when I use those techniques. They can also make a moment more poignant and by removing the human quality, strangely make the message of a song more soul bearing. 


Y.Z.: The Beatles were "sure" with their We Can Work It Out. You questioned their statement or it's just a co-incidence? : )

Gordi: I'm always going head to head with those guys. I stand by my statement.


Y.Z.: What do you believe for the significance of collaborations? They help the artists or sometimes they distract them from their personal creativeness? Vernon is a big supporter, with the t-shirt he recently wore with the simple but great message "People".

Gordi: Collaboration is hugely important in creativity. I think it's important to establish who you are as an artist and what your sound is so you have something to bring to the table, but often it's working with other people that helps you realise what your own strengths and weeknesses are.



Y.Z.: Sean Carey played at "I'm Done". He is a very important and low profile artist and maybe the 2nd most important for Bon Iver. How was the meeting and the collaboration with him?

Gordi: Sean is a great guy and has become a good friend of mine. He is such a talented musician and I knew his voice would sound wonderful on the record. My voice is on his record too which is out in February.

Y.Z.: Which other artists would you be interested to collaborate with?

Gordi: Jon Hopkins and Olafur Arnalds would be top of my list.


Y.Z.: Many or too many people got to know you by the mistake of Queens Of The Stone Age b-side songs at the vinyl pressings of "Reservoir". How it felt to gain indirectly popularity?

Gordi: I heard gaining popularity indirectly is the best way to gain popularity.

Y.Z.: It's your first long and almost world tour. What about the experience to be on the road? So far, how is the reception of your new songs from the audience?

Gordi: Performing is my favourite part of all of this, so I love touring. There is a lot of downtime and waiting and carrying and driving so it's important to have other things on the go - whether it's making demos or a good book or podcast. I'm still working out the best ways to keep myself sane!

My experience of international touring so far has been awesome. We've had some incredible shows, there are always some less incredible ones thrown in the mix but that's what keeps it fresh and interesting!

Y.Z.: Impressions from Primavera Sound in Barcelona?

Gordi: Loved it! Probably my favourite festival ever. Incredible acts, amazing location and just a great festival spirit. Our set is one I will always fondly remember.




Y.Z.: What's on your stereo this period?

Gordi: Marika Hackman - I'm Not Your Man

Y.Z.: Name pls a few childhood music idols.

Gordi: Billy Joel, Carol King, James Taylor

Y.Z.: Thank you very much for your time Sophie. Wish you a good luck with your tour, and get the best out of the experience at the special Iceland Airwaves Festival.


*Special thanks to Adrian for his assistance to get us in contact with Gordi and make this interview take place.



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