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The Body Electric – Into The Void (eng)

The last three or four years, we have experienced a huge blooming in the music scene of Holland. With the success of Excelsior Recordings (zZz, Triggerfinger, Jacco Gardner etc) creating the spark for the emergence of new record companies, as well as with the strong support from countless festivals, unique studios (e.g. Duct Tape StudiosElectrosaurus Southern Sound Studio) and a growing support from music lovers, this new wave has emerged, consisting of many high quality bands. In numerous occasions, these escaped the limits of the local underground and are already touring Europe and/or the US.

Of course, in any such climate, quality then gives room to quantity, with the majority of the announcements received not deserving any mention whatsoever. Very few though, do surprise us very positively!



A few days ago, we were introduced to The Body Electric. The band uses Rotterdam as its base and consists of Thomas James in vocals and guitars and Nikki Alexander in bass and programming. Their first single Into The Void got us hooked instantly and obliged to us numerous presses of the repeat button, creating high hopes over what’s to follow!

Old-fashioned post-punk with a modern take, critical lyrics, gutsy attitude, honoring at the same time its darkwave legacy. Riffs, basslines, layered vocals and old school programming, all work together perfectly to create an great song.



The band says over Into The Void:

“I hope for a world in which my children will not have to go through what so many have had to endured before. We sanitize violence, we normalize the abnormal and are surprised when the acts we have glorified and sustained happen again.

This needs to stop.


In Memory of:

The victims of Columbine

The victims of Alphen a/d Rijn

The victims of San Ysidro

The victims of Utøya

The victims of Sandy Hook

The victims of Münich

The victims of Utrecht

The victims of Cumbria

The victims of Zug

The victims of Hungerford

The victims of Mulhausen an der Ernst

The victims of Dnipropetrovsk

The victims of Virginia Tec

The victims of Las Vegas

The victims of Orlando

The victims of Aurora

The victims of Santa Fe

The victims of Luby's

The victims of The University of Texas

The victims of Zrinski Topolovac

The victims of Nanterre

The victims of Christchurch

And all the other victims of countless acts of pointless violence.


The Body Electric





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